These 13 Montessori blogs are some of the best. You’ll find activity ideas, at home tips, e-courses, Montessori information and much more.

The 13 Best Montessori Blogs for Tips & Inspiration

Montessori blogs can come in a wide variety of styles, but at their core, they all embody the same purpose: sharing information and experience surrounding the Montessori method.

There are many different types of Montessori blogs: mom blogs, Montessori at home blogs, educational blogs and more informative blogs. They can vary from informative websites sharing how to apply Maria Montessori’s specific observations, to tips and tricks from other Montessori moms that have been successful in their homes.

Where can I find Montessori blogs?

When you’re just getting started with the Montessori method, it can feel like every new project or task creates a million new questions. Getting involved in a Montessori community might not always be an option, but luckily, there are many great resources on the internet.

Regardless of how the information is shared, Montessori blogs provide a great source as information, ideas and encouragement. Whether you’re just getting started using Montessori at home or are considering sending your child to a Montessori school, there is a Montessori blog for you.

Check out these 13 amazing Montessori blogs for inspiration, tips, and information about applying Montessori practices to your life.

These 13 Montessori blogs are some of the best. You’ll find activity ideas, at home tips, e-courses, Montessori information and much more.

The 13 Best Montessori Blogs

Organized alphabetically, we categorize each Montessori blog and give you a breakdown of what you’ll find on the website, who the author is and where to go to find out more.

Baan Deck

Baan Deck is a Montessori school in Sioux Falls, SD, created with the goal to help their students discover that anything is possible. On the Baan Deck blog, you’ll find a wonderful resource filled with tips, ideas and support covering a wide variety of Montessori topics.

You’ll also find a variety of podcast episodes filled with more inspiration and ideas. Baan Deck provides a well-rounded resource for any family using the Montessori method – whether you’re just starting at home or practicing with school-aged children.

Beautiful Sun Montessori

Beautiful Sun Montessori is a blog run by Susanne for the Beautiful Sun Montessori school. This Montessori blog is packed with resources, both physical and non. You’ll find articles providing strategies to help emotionally support your child, ideas for activities at home, and tips for implementing Montessori practices.

In addition, Susanne has many free printables and resources that you can download and use right at home with your children.

Bella’s Casa

Bella’s Casa provides a wealth of information, especially for those who are just getting started with Montessori. Written by Jae, Bella’s Casa serves as an outlet for the knowledge and experience she gained as a Montessori teacher for 11 years. She now has her own children and stays at home implementing Montessori practices with them on a daily basis.

On the home page, you’ll find an e-course for Montessori Home Set Up, a shop for natural Montessori toys, and the option for a private in-home consultation. Click over to the blog and you’ll a variety of Montessori tips, with a focus on those that can be implemented at home, through toys or activities.

Carrots Are Orange

Carrots Are Orange provides a wealth of support for Montessori parents, particularly those with school-aged children. Marnie has a private Facebook page, eCourses, printables and plenty of articles on her blog that are sure to help any parent.

You can search through her blog posts to find topics in many different categories: math, geography, language, activities, at home principles and much more.

Daily Montessori

Daily Montessori is a blog that focuses on Montessori for young children, ages 0-3. This website is packed with information covering just about every topic that relates to using Montessori with young children at home.

You’ll find Montessori activity ideas, toy suggestions, as well as plenty advice for how to incorporate different Montessori practices at home, right from the start.

How We Montessori

How We Montessori is a Montessori blog written by Sadie. Sadie lives in Australia with her three sons and incorporates Montessori with her children every day. This blog is designed to share her experience and passion for the Montessori method with other parents of similar mindset.

Sadie co-authored the book Kids in the Kitchen: Simple Recipes That Build Independence and Confidence the Montessori Way. On her blog, she provides helpful Montessori tips for parents, specifically when it comes to practical life and kitchen-related activities.

The Kavanaugh Report

The Kavanaugh Report is a blog written by Nicole sharing her experience and the knowledge she’s developed using the Montessori method with her four children. Her articles cover a wide variety of questions and concerns that many parents stumble across when using Montessori practices.

Nicole also has a podcast called Shelf Help to provide even more accessible information for Montessori parents. The Kavanaugh Report is perfect for parents of young children, right from the start. If you’re struggling, Nicole probably has an article to help.

Living Montessori Now

Living Montessori Now is a blog written by Deb, who is a certified Montessori educator for children of ages 2.5 – 5. Her website contains beneficial information about the basic Montessori principles, as well as practical ideas, tips and inspiration for implementing Montessori in your own life.

Choose from tons of free printables, find many Montessori activities and homeschool tips all at Living Montessori Now.

Montessori in Real Life

Montessori in Real Life is a blog with articles covering many different Montessori topics, as well as a place to find comprehensive guides on implementing Montessori methods within many different areas. You’ll find free printables, guides and podcasts episodes on the website as well!

With articles covering smaller details such as outdoor gear for different weather to larger topics like the Montessori alphabet, Montessori in Real Life is a place to go for any practical needs.

The Montessori Notebook

The Montessori Notebook is a website created by a Montessori teacher and parent. This site provides a plethora of different Montessori articles, resources, workshops, e-courses and more. You’ll find workshops for setting up a Montessori home and setting up a Montessori playgroup, as well as various free resources.

This website is also the home of a new podcast, providing another source of Montessori information. You’ll find lots of articles that dig a little into the deeper side of Montessori, helping your create a strong foundation and learn more about exactly why and how things are structured the way they are.

Our Montessori Home

Our Montessori Home is a blog created by Jessica, who spent three years in a Montessori classroom. She has four children of her own and uses her experience to create articles sharing tips and advice for parents in a similar situation.

This website has lots of Montessori resources for parents of school-age children, with tips for school and home schooling as well. Jessica also has some information about the founding principles of Montessori. Her blog hasn’t been updated in a little while, but the content you’ll find here is timeless.

Our Montessori Life

Our Montessori Life is a blog created by Beth, a mom to two boys and certified Montessori teacher and Education Consultant. She has a plethora of articles relating to various Montessori topics in the home and for children of specific ages.

Her blog posts are organized in categories based on the child’s age, making things really easy to sort through. This website is a great resource if you find yourself with questions surrounding something specific to Montessori at your child’s age.

Trillium Montessori

Trillium Montessori is a blog written by Seemi, who started the Trillium Montessori school in North Carolina. Her website is packed with resources for Montessori parents and educators. You’ll find a variety of online classes and printables, as well as many articles.

At any given time, there are a few free webinars running and many deals for free activities. You’ll find resources for using Montessori at home as well as in an educational setting. Trillium Montessori is an excellent website for Montessori at any age.

These Montessori blogs are so beneficial for parents and teachers of any kind. Whether you’re brand new to the method or having been teaching it for years, you’ll find plenty of fresh new ideas and tips from these different blogs.

Check them out, add them to your reading list, download their printables and try out any activities you might find. Before you know it you’ll have a whole toolbox of tips, tricks and ideas to use with your children.

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